Sakata 3D Resins UV DLP Castable has been precisely formulated to work with your UV DLP printer to create castable jewelry pieces that display the highest level of detail. Printed parts are exceptionally accurate, display the highest level of detail, and are suitable for use in direct investment casting, making them perfect for the modern jewelry market. During the casting process, parts will burn evenly, with virtually no ash, expansion, or residue, leaving you with an ideal mold for melting metals. Final castings are extremely accurate and show a smooth surface finish. See our plastering guidelines for optimal results.

Key benefits:

  • Virtually no ash, expansion or residue during burning - High precision cast and printed parts with a good smooth surface finish.
  • Piezas impresas y fundidas de alta precisión con un buen acabado superficial suave.


  • Jewelry, dental molds, models
Resina Castable