Sakata 3D Filaments' new PLA EASY-OFF support filament is manufactured from Ingeo 3D450 PLA biodegradable resin, a material specifically designed for 3D printing by NatureWorks, a world leader in biopolymers manufacturing.

Unlike other support materials, EASY-OFF filament makes it possible to obtain highly complex industrial parts with high- quality finishes. Thanks to its easy extraction, post- processing times are shorter than those of other materials, improving the performance of the process.

This filament is designed to work with PLA 850 and PLA HR-870 at speeds up to 100 mm/s without suffering deformations or cooling problems. It does not require solvents for its extraction. It has a lower sensitivity to humidity than other (soluble) support materials, so it can be stored for a longer period of time with no change in its characteristics.

Suitable for molds manufacturing in architecture, metal casting, prototyping and jewelry.

200-220 ºC>= 40 ºC

Filamentos PLA 450 EASY OFF