Plastic Spools

We offer a wide range of plastic spools to create your own filaments. The available sizes allow to store from 250 g to 8,000 g of filament with a diameter of 1.75 or 2.85 mm. All our spools have been manufactured from materials with high mechanical and thermal performance to guarantee the correct conservation of the product.

AG335 335mm Polystyrene Black 8000g
RS350 350mm Polystyrene Black 5000g
RS300 300mm Polystyrene Black 2500g
RS200-PC 200mm Polycarbonate Clear 1000g
RS200-PS 200mm Polystyrene Black 1000g
RS200-RE 200mm Recycled Polystyrene Green 1000g
RS160 160mm Polycarbonate Clear 450g
RS140 140mm Polycarbonate Clear 250g

Sustainable Spools

At Sakata 3D Filaments we want to provide solutions that cares of the environment. For this reason, we offer recycled spools, made from post-consumer materials, that is, materials from products that have already been used, discarded, selectively collected and finally recycled. They have the European certification "Plastic second life®, from waste recycling" that guarantees the origin of the recycled material. Available for 1,000 g formats.


Vacuum Bags

We have transparent or semi-metallized vacuum bags of different sizes, adapted for all our spools. All our bags are made from high-quality materials to extend the life of the filaments and ensure a particularly effective barrier against oxygen and moisture. Totally harmless and recyclable.

Filament Winding

Sakata 3D Filaments has an innovative winding system to offer a higher product quality. The equipment used allows control of the tension and alignment of the filament throughout the winding process. In addition, they have automatic halt systems to guarantee the correct net weight of the product.