Sakata 3D Filaments PLA 850 filament is manufactured from PLA Ingeo 3D850 resin, a biodegradable material specifically designed for 3D printing by NatureWorks, a world leader in biopolymers manifacturing.

It is mainly characterized by its high thermal and mechanical performance as well as its high crystallization speed, marking a great difference compared to a standard PLA, being able to create pieces mostly with no supports.. It presents a very low thermal contraction, which allows to significantly reduce the problems of deformation or "warping" and to create pieces with an excellent resolution.

Due to its high adhesion to the bed, the PLA 850 filament does not necessarily need a heated bed, although its use is recommended at a temperature between 40oC and 60oC.

Ideal for prototypes manufacturing, tools and functional parts. It is available in more than 40 colours with a high gloss and excellent opacity.

200-220 ºC>= 40 ºC

Filamentos Pla 850