Sakata 3D Filaments PLA 700 filament is manufactured from PLA Ingeo 3D700 biodegradable resin, an innovative and new material from NatureWorks, a world leader in biopolymers manufacturing.

This revolutionary filament is specifically developed for the manufacture of huge pieces that require long printing periods. Thanks to its amorphous structure, the thermal contraction of this material is much lower than PLA 850, PLA870 and standard PLA, significantly reducing possible printing failures due to deformations (warping effect). More even, this less crystalline structure makes it possible to print parts satisfactorily at low temperatures (185-195oC), increase the flow in a percentage higher than 10% and increase the adhesion between layers.

The PLA 700 filament is ideal for creating prototypes or large functional parts or long series, especially within the industrial field.

185-195 ºC>= 40 ºC

Filamentos PLA 700