ASA is a thermoplastic material made from acrylate, styrene and acrylonitrile monomers. It has mechanical properties similar to ABS, but with a high resistance to UV radiation and weathering. Currently, the use of ASA as a material for 3D printing, is experiencing progressive growth in the industrial sector, making it an ideal candidate for a large number of applications.

Sakata 3D Filaments ASA filaments are characterized by excellent mechanical properties and resistance to UV radiation, easy printing, good bed adhesion and adhesion between layers.

Its main field of application can be found in the automotive, aerospace, naval sector and ultimately in any part that requires resistance to UV rays and mechanical resistance.

The use of a natural and/or forced ventilation system is recommended to guarantee the renewal of air at workplace.

240-260 ºC>= 80 ºC

Filamentos ASA