Sakata 3D Filaments PLA HR-870 filament is manufactured from PLA Ingeo 3D870 resin, a biodegradable material specifically designed for 3D printing by NatureWorks, a world leader in biopolymers manufacturing.

This filament has superior thermal and mechanical performance than PLA 850, being comparable to ABS, maintaining the ease of printing of PLA without the emission of toxic vapors of ABS.

To achieve its maximum performances, post-processing of printed parts is recommended. This process allows its softening temperature to be increased up to 85oC (much higher than any standard PLA) and its impact resistance (5 times more resistant than ABS).

Similar to PLA 850, PLA HR-870 filament does not necessarily require a heated bed, although its use is recommended at a temperature between 40oC and 60oC.

Ideal for the manufacture of parts for industrial applications that require high mechanical and thermal performance. It is available in 10 colours with a high gloss and excellent opacity.

210-230 ºC>= 40 ºC

Filamentos PLA HR-870